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Redline Pulse - November 2021

We’re breaking records like Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps!

In this report I’ll be summarizing the key real estate stats from October 2021, but also looking at some details that are almost always overlooked.


The Sales Summary

Like a fine wine, it seems like our real estate market is getting better with age. September was the 2nd best September of all time, and now October has one upped it. We just recorded the best October on record! 

2,189 sales for the month! That’s a major “wowie” for this time of the year. What this means is that we continue to push 2021 towards one of the best-selling years in our entire history. 

So, when you ask “How’s the market”... it's a pretty…

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Redline Pulse - October 2021

“Mind boggling” comes to mind when talking about this September’s real estate in and around Calgary. It was certainly a “September to remember”!                                                                                               

The Sales Summary

The real estate market in the Calgary region was on fire again last month! We just completed our 2nd best September of all time! Only 2005 had a stronger September than we just had.

We finished with 2,162 sales for the month, which was 11 more homes than we did in August. That was a 27% increase from last year, and an even bigger jump from 2018 & 2019.

Here is the Calgary Real Estate Board graph showcasing the last 15 years. Here you will see just how extreme…

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Welcome back to another Calgary Real Estate Market Update with us at Redline Real Estate. It's summer time - you should be outside enjoying the heat - so let’s get right into it! 



July 2021 had stampede back, restaurants were opened back up, and life really started to get back to normal didn’t did this slow down the ferocious pace of our real estate market of 2021?


I keep expecting to be here telling a different tale, but the momentum and strength of our market simply keeps trucking on. 

In July 2021 we were just 17 sales away from the best July on record...yep another near record once again!

We had 2319 sales in the month of July, this was 26% better than what we achieved with all…

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Redline Pulse - July 2021

Half way through 2021 and our Real Estate has been on a rocket ship – in this report we will find out how we finished off the first half of the year!


As we release this update Calgary is just coming off of an incredible heat wave that found us breaking some 125 year old temperature records…So I guess it's only fitting that we’d continue this talk about record breaking here in our July Market Report. 


We are here to report that June 2021 broke all prior June sales records in the Calgary Area. Our Calgary sales “broken record” keeps spinning as it has almost the entire first half of 2021! 

We had 2915 sales in the month of June, eclipsing the next best June, back in 2006 by about 200 sales (or…

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Is it possible that our Calgary & Area Real Estate Market has continued its historical run?

In this report I will discuss the key items you need to know about the market data just released for April 2021. 

The Sales Summary

Last month I shared that we had the biggest selling April of all time... yes, of all time! And before that, March was right up there with one of our best Marches ever, with only one time – back in 2007 – that beat the 2021 sales figures. 

So, did May continue on this blistering pace, or are we finally pulling back?

Against all odds, the momentum continues!

When looking at the following graph you’ll see that, yet again, we are right at the top of the heap!


We ended up selling a whopping 2,989 total homes in…

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