David's Bio

After graduation, David pursued an opportunity in the new home building sector of Calgary, where he was the primary liaison between his company, the new home builders, and their shared clients. It was during this time that David developed his passion for homes and design. Furthering his career, David then moved to the Oil and Gas sector in which sold a variety of specialty products to the construction side of that industry, culminating in his promotion to North American CS Manager, and the creation of 2 brand new products to fill niche needs of his customers. These products are used today internationally, including places like Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A further opportunity arouse with the birth of his daughter. David became a “stay at home” parent, and considers his time with her the most rewarding period of his life. He has zero regrets leaving his former profession. As she got older, more and more of his time was available and he invested this time into his growing portfolio, and physical fitness in which he became a personal trainer. Just for fun. However, the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for homes still remained and David brought this everlasting spirit to the world of real estate becoming a REALTOR. Following his personal vision and core values, David brings his exceptional reputation for customer service to the real estate market of southern Alberta. David is an avid board gamer, enthusiastic father, and a lover of books.”

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